One-to-One Coaching

My work is about helping you own the choices in life that are aligned with who you really are – regardless of whether or not these fit neatly on a direct path that you were told is the road to happiness and success. Life is not supposed to look a certain way.

There are no “right” answers but if you think there are, and you’ve yet to meet them, take heart, you are in the right place.

feather-leafWays we can explore the truth together:

  • Finding meaning in your path and addressing the beliefs that are holding you back
  • Owning your voice and the way you do things to engage in meaningful work and relationships
  • Softening your self-judgment and shifting the searching for validation from outside yourself to within
  • Learning to trust your decisions fully, and without apology, while employing a structure that empowers you to achieve them
  • Recognizing your strengths, values and personal leadership style to create choices that reflect them

You may not know what your needs are, what you want beyond what you think you should want. But you can discover them. And take steps to meet them. Let’s talk to determine how.

One-on-One Coaching

Coaching sessions are 60 minutes. Our work can be over the phone or via Skype. Because the nature of our work together will be cumulative, I work solely with a package system which will be discussed during your initial consultation. Packages are available for 3 or 6 months.

If you are also interested in Equus Coaching™, you may add a session to your one-on-one coaching package, the details of which I am happy to discuss during our consultation call.

As a prospective client, you will have a 30-minute complimentary consultation to see if we are a good fit. You are the expert on you, always. Let’s see if working together feels right.

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Coaching vs. Therapy

People often wonder how coaching differs from other helping professions. The simple truth is that coaching supports individuals who are mentally healthy and helps them build upon what is already working (or perhaps is temporarily stuck) in their lives. Coaching is not a form of therapy and therefore will not meet the needs of individuals who are best served by a licensed mental health professional. That said, it might compliment the process if you have been working with a therapist.