Equus Coaching

MorningAs human beings with complex minds, we spend much of our time attempting to make sense of our life experiences through mental processing. This can work in our favor as we generate plans for our future or attempt to solve a problem by exploring various points of view. Yet we can become stuck in our thinking, especially when things don’t go as we’ve planned, and the answers that were once tidy and clear suddenly appear unfocused. What transpires is often a lost connection to the deepest and truest part of who we are.

The Equus experience is about reaffirming our connection to self. It is about learning to engage not just the intelligence of the mind, but the intelligence of the body as well.

Horses have an incredibly sensitive nervous system that allows them to provide direct feedback regarding our congruence and leadership. These exquisite creatures offer us a mirror through which we are granted the gift of witnessing how the way we communicate affects the world around us. A horse will never lie nor will it become attached to the stories that are so easily crafted in our minds. That’s what makes them the most fantastic coaching partner ever.

“Lori has an amazing ability to bring me back to “the now.” Her understanding of the mind body connection has taught me to redirect myself back into my body and to tune in to the information that is always there.” —L.P., Indiana
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equus2It’s you + me + a horse in a round pen + whatever shows up for you within that = a new level of self-awareness

Entering the round pen with a horse bridges the gap between what you think you know and what you actually know. I invite you to come and experience this extraordinary work for yourself.

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