“I find Lori to be a true embodiment of her strengths: she is incredibly kind, loving, completely engaged, very curious, totally open-minded, and concerned with the world around her. I have worked with a lot of coaches in my own career, as well as a number of professionals in my “former life” as a marketing manager in the technology field, and I find Lori to be a rare breed. I have never met someone so quietly humble and yet teeming with talent and devotion.” —Jessica Steward, Master Certified Coach & MBI Instructor

“Lori is everything a life coach should be – curious, tender, insightful, compassionate and committed. She brings many wonderful tools to bear in her coaching – perhaps most powerful, though, is her devotion to transformation and growth, for both herself and her clients. I love her dedication to the process – with Lori, I always feel accepted and affirmed for who I am and where I am in my journey. She is always very present, gentle and intuitive. I feel honored and very grateful to have worked with Lori and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a coach who will help them clarify their path and find their passion.” —A.D., Louisiana

“Lori has an amazing ability to bring me back to “the now.” Her understanding of the mind body connection has taught me to redirect myself back into my body and to tune in to the information that is always there.

As I considered leaving my job to start my own business, she gently encouraged me to confront my fears. Her direct, yet compassionate, guidance has helped me look at my life more objectively than ever before. Lori has a way of listening between the words without judgment. She has helped me uncover some of the beliefs that have kept me stuck for years.

Most importantly, Lori has helped me realize that I have the answers to my life’s most pressing questions. I am one year into my new business and I love what I am doing!! Coaching with Lori was a turning point for me, and I am so grateful for the experience.” —L.P., Indiana