The Space in the Middle:

 Exploring Relationships Through the Eyes of a Horse

Sunday, October 20th 2019
Somis, CA

Relationships are all there is. Everything in the universe only exists because it is in relationship to everything else. Nothing exists in isolation. We have to stop pretending we are individuals who can go it alone.
-Margaret Wheatley

At the core of our being, we have a desire to be seen.  Yet the need for protection often trades our windows for walls.  Instead of showing up in our messy brilliance, we come fragmented, revealing only what we think will be met with favor; hiding away those parts of us that are simply too much – or not enough.

What if horses could show you how to become more open and honest in your relationships?  What if those insights enabled you to make your relationships as strong as they could be?

If you sense that you’re not bringing all of yourself to the relationships in your life and you’d like to
start doing so, this workshop is for you.

Join Master Facilitators Renee Sievert and me, Lori Moskal, as we explore who you are in relationships through the eyes of a horse.  You’ll walk away with a better understanding of yourself as well as some clear steps on how to improve your relationships – from the inside out.


No prior horse experience is necessary.
All exercises and interactions with the horses will take place on the ground and will not include any riding.
Drinks, lunch and light refreshments included.
Lodging information as well as directions to the ranch will be sent with registration confirmation.



Early-Bird Registration  / $525 until August 20th 

Bring-a-Friend Registration / $500 per person

Regular Registration / $599 August 1st – October 11th


Questions? Contact Lori Moskal at

We look forward to having you join us!


Equus Demo Day: Live Demonstration

Sunday, July 7th 2019
Spirit Equestrian in Somis, CA

Imagine what it would be like to receive clear, immediate feedback that helped you restore your sense of peace and well-being, amidst any challenge you’re facing today (personal, professional, political).

That’s what Equus Coaching is all about.

What to expect at the event:
  • Witness how facilitated work with horses can help create a new level of awareness of how our outer world is often an unconscious reflection of our inner world and how we can consciously shift it.
  • Observe powerful new ways to achieve life-changing insights into your own inner roadblocks with horses as your guide.
  • Plus, you can volunteer at the event to be coached live.
Why horses:
  • Facilitated work with horses, through Equus Coaching, helps us discover how to cultivate genuine peace and experience a more authentic connection with each other. 
  • Horses don’t struggle with doubt, fear, or the critical inner voices we live with everyday that say we’re not enough.
  • They know how to be at home in themselves and how to be in harmony with a herd and the world around them.
No previous horse experience (or riding) required. 
Join us! This is designed to be an informative, affordable and accessible event at only $25. All are welcome. Register here


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